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Face Mask
Face Mask is incredibly affordable, and our loyal customers may easily order large quantities at moderate pricing. This mask has 3 layer cotton fabric to provide you with 3 layer protection. The use of this cover is highly cost-effective.  This provides varying levels of protection depending on the type of material used to construct them.
Mens Pant
Mens Pant is made of synthetic material, have a tight weave, and have a loose fit, while others are tighter. They are very effective and safe to wear. This is especially true for people with larger hips; those with straighter frames can wear their trousers a bit lower.

Face Shield
Face Shield is a type of personal protective equipment designed to shield the wearer's face from hazards such as dust, chemical splashes, and potentially infectious materials. This shield keeps your face safe when working in places like hospitals, electric shops, and industries. It is very cost-effective to use. 
Hand Gloves
Hand Gloves offer protection against mildly corrosive substances. These gloves provide excellent protection against infection and pollution for workers' hands. When working in tough conditions, these gloves provide excellent protection for your hands. These gloves can also be laminated for increased comfort and performance.